Do the Most Important Thing First

Doing the most important things first is a sure way to get the things done that really matter to you. It’s good advice that I work hard at following myself.

But is it easy to do right off the bat? Nope, not usually.

Here’s why — and what to do to fix that.

Think for a minute about what you do during a typical day — or even just what you did this morning. In fact, go ahead and list out the things you remember doing.


Does your list look something like this?

Got up
Let the dog out
Wake up the family
Got ready for work
Grabbed something to eat
Went to work
Ran errands/ate at lunch

If a step toward the dream you have or the goal that’s most important for you to achieve wasn’t on your list, chances are it’s because you allowed life to get in the way.

That’s right, life doesn’t “just” get in the way (most of the time.) You allow the daily tasks of life to get in the way. Then by the end of the day, all you want to do is relax, veg, or fall into bed. So your dreams get put off.

The fix (and a key to success) is this: get up early and do at least one of your important things before you do anything else.

You’ll feel a whole lot better and reach your goals/fulfill your dreams a whole lot faster, I promise.


  • This is a great point. For the past three months I’ve been working out most days, first thing in the morning. I have found it makes my whole day more productive not to mention I’m slowly getting into better shape.

    This is a work in progress for me at my day job. It is so easy to get into the office and catch up with co-workers and get sucked into email. I feel so much better when I knock something off my to-do list first thing, and then carry on with my day.

  • For me, a list works well! If it is at the top, it is the most important. I like crossing things off or checking it off.

    • I like crossing things off lists too. My problem is that I pick the things that look the most appealing or the easiest though ;)

  • You are so right, to achieve the journey you have to complete important tasks, not matter how unappealing they look.