Do More Than You Think You Can

I love this exercise, which I first heard about on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog:

Raise your hand as high as you can.

(Go ahead, try it.)

Now raise your hand even higher.

Were you able to raise your hand higher?

Most people find a way

Most people find a way to do so, especially if they’re in a group of other people who are all raising their hands even higher.

The fact is, we usually can do more than we initially think we can. We underestimate our abilities, or we overestimate just exactly how much effort we’re really putting into things already. We may need some encouragement, or someone to point out ways we can further improve.

So think about your most important goal, and do a little more than you thought you could. Put a little extra time in, get a little more creative, join a group that will challenge you — whatever it takes.

(If you want to get started right now, describe the next step you’re going to take in the comments.)


  • I think I just need to make more time to tackle the home improvement projects around my house. Hopefully the holidays will give me some more free time away from the office to do this.

  • LOL, I definitely did the whole “Raise your hand” experiment, then laughed at myself wondering how many of your other readers were raising their hands at the same time :) I tend to be someone who “over-does” things, so maybe I should try to bring my hand down just a little bit!

  • I believe this actually works because people usually put more pressure on themselves when they are with other people. Everyone needs this because all of us experiences bad things in our lives that make us think about giving up. This is a pretty good exercise.