Did You Do Anything With What You’ve Learned?

There are many excellent books and articles out there, both in general and on topics relating to personal finance. Then there are the myriad courses available to help you get to where you want to be. If you want to do it, there’s someone out there to help.

Have you taken advantage of any of those kinds of things? I’m not just asking whether you’ve read any good books or taken any courses — I’m wondering if you’ve really taken advantage of them by following through on their suggestions.

For me it’s easy to file the information away or make a note about it, but I finally figured out recently that that’s not getting me anywhere. Knowing stuff doesn’t help nearly as much as doing stuff (once you have even the least idea of what it is you need to do.)

Doing things consistently is even better. I’m in a mastermind group right now that’s finally causing me to actually get things done. It’s not so much the tips themselves (although they are excellent) that are helping though, as it the fact that I paid to be in this group and so I’m actually USING the tips.

I figured I paid good money for this information, so I’d better not waste my money by not following through. Follow through is the key.