Depositing Just a Few Bucks

Depositing the few checks I get now and then is always interesting, because I never know quite what the teller will say about them, if anything.

You see, pretty much the only checks I deposit with any regularity are either a few for $3 each or else reimbursements from my flexible spending account, which can be as little as $25 each.

I deposited a few checks like those this past Friday. The teller asked if I had any plans for the weekend, and I said “Oh, just working.”

“Where do you work?” he asked.

I replied with the type of company I worked for.

He glanced down at the checks and said, “I hope this isn’t what they’re paying you!”

Of course, it isn’t. The number of times tellers comment on my small deposits really makes me wonder though. Do people not deposit small amounts anymore? Or maybe it’s just that people don’t deposit many checks period anymore. What’s your experience?


  • I rarely go in the bank so try to save up the small checks until I have at least $100 to deposit. We can’t even submit FSA claims unless the receipts total $50.

    • Hah if I waited til I had $100 in checks to deposit, I’d waiting a real long time. Some of the checks would probably be invalid before I got them in.

  • Money is money! If it was a check for $.50 I would be at the bank to deposit it. I can’t understand people who wouldn’t see it that way. I have to look at each penny and that leads me to make the choices I make to reach my goals. That’s my insurance policy for moving forward in my financial plans.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I find it rude that the teller says anything at all to you about the amount of your checks. Money is money!

  • My husband is a school sports official, so he gets $20-$125 checks al the time. We deposit them into the ATM and get receipts with pictures since the tellers annoy me…

  • Andrea

    I was a bank teller once and I never made comments like that, but I’m sure the teller didn’t mean any harm by the comment… usually people are over-drafting and down to the last penny….not depositing anything.

    • Yeah I don’t think the teller meant any harm either. I thought it was funny. That’s interesting how common overdrafting and being down to the last penny are though.