De-Clutter Your Wallet with 6 Handy Apps

Be it a wallet, purse or a “satchel” (the male version), our carry-alls can get more cluttered than a teenager’s closet. As a result, wallets and handbags are amped up on hormones that could qualify as carry-on luggage.

If you’ve ever emptied out your entire bag looking for keys, coupons or credit cards, it’s time to do the de-clutter mambo by replacing some of that stuff with handy mobile applications. Here’s a list of 6 apps to help you get started.

1. Reduce Coupon Clippage

Sifting through coupons circulars is time consuming. Not to mention, all those slips of paper can be confusing, even if you have a coupon organizer. The CouponSherpa App solves the coupon clutter dilemma. The app allows you to access store and grocery coupons directly from your mobile device while you shop.

2. Say “Bye” to Business Card Clutter

Collecting business cards during meetings and events is crucial for networking. However, it could also result in a messy shuffle. For a more organized approach, download CardCloud. The electronic business card app lets you connect and share contact information with any phone that has an Internet connection nearby. The app lets you write virtual notes on the back of the e-Business cards and also offers to add the information directly to your phone’s contact list. Best of all, you’ll never have to deal with the printers or pay for new cards again.

3. Find Receipts Faster

If you find yourself fumbling through a mess of receipts while a line of impatient customers forms behind you, it’s time to consolidate. The ShoeBoxed App lets you snap digital images of your receipts so you can store and sort through them easily on your mobile device. With the recent move towards emailed receipts, this will help keep everything stored in one place.

4. Organize Travel Expenses

After a long road trip, our wallets become jam packed with receipts, recorded expenses and more. iExpenseIt helps business travelers manage, track and record daily expenses, plus offers a monthly budgeting tool.

5. Reduce Loyalty Card Overload

From supermarkets to department stores and movie theaters, our wallets are overflowing with reward and loyalty cards. Keep it simple with the CardStar app which stores all your loyalty card data in one, easy-to-access place so you never miss out on a reward point or instant saving.

6. Boarding Passes

If you’ve ever felt the panic of losing a boarding pass, you’ll love to learn how your phone can get you past security and onto the plane. Various airlines, like American Airlines and British Airways, are making the airways a little more mobile-friendly by providing consumer’s with digital boarding passes which can be scanned directly from the smartphone.

Andrea Woroch is a consumer & money-saving expert for Kinoli Inc. As a nationally recognized media source, Andrea has been featured on Good Morning America, NBC Today Show, MSNBC, New York Times Bucks Blog, Kiplinger Personal Finance, CNNMoney and many more. To view recent interviews or for more savings tips visit or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.