Crazy Ways to Hide Money

Do you hide cash or other valuables around the house, for emergencies or otherwise? (Should you admit that on the internet if you do? Probably not…)

There must be quite a few people who do though, because I stumbled across a bunch of different ways to hide money around the house. Thank you, random Amazon suggestion for making me forget whatever I was actually looking for.

Check out some of the things I found. (Clicking the images below will take you to Amazon using my affiliate link if you want get sidetracked like I was.) Apparently many of them are made from the actual objects, so I imagine you could do things like these yourself as well.

8 unusual ways to hide cash coming right up:

WD-40 diversion safe

Fake wall outlet to hide things in

Coke can hiding spot

Hairbrush with hidden opening

Fruit cocktail can diversion safe

Speed stick diversion safe

Lint roller with secret compartment

Rubik's cube with hidden opening

Hiding in the open

Have you ever seen any of those? They’re basically ways to hide things in plain sight.

They all seem like pretty cool ideas, but I’d be afraid of going on a “get rid of stuff I never use” spree and tossing some of them. The bank, on the hand, is always a good option for keeping money safe from thieves.

What do you think?


  • The biggest problem I would see with some of these is that if you have kids or teenagers, they could get into them. Also, with some of them, there would be a risk of somebody not realizing what it really is and tossing it during a cleanup purge. Still, they are very clever.

  • Some are cool ideas but some are not because they might put it in the garbage like the can. I know some of my friends they hide their money on the books. It’s funny to think but it’s really true. I had fun reading this post. Thanks for sharing this.