Celebrating Risk-Taking and “Good Enough”

You might remember that I completed my first oil painting recently. As paintings go, it’s decent, but for a first painting ever it’s pretty good.

So I spent $45 and got it framed.

Now I don’t actually have anywhere to put it, so in that sense the $45 is a waste of money.

But I’m going to make a place for it, and here’s why.

I’m proud of that painting for two reasons. I decided it was fine to make the sky purple and the water beige while everyone else made their sky and water blue. Then when the painting reached a certain point, I said “OK, this is good enough” and called it done.

Being able to state that something is good enough is a huge step forward for me, and I suspect it is for many others too — especially when doing things like preparing to launch a business or some other kind of endeavor that feels risky.

Being willing to take calculated risks can help us to go far. Practicing on smaller things is a good way to become comfortable with doing so.

And actually taking a step toward reaching a dream or a goal should be celebrated. In a way, it’s kind of like framing the first dollar you earn in a business or a copy of your first check.

Finally, feeling pride in our work and our abilities — even if we’re just starting out — is something that money can’t buy.