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Are You a Taxcrastinator?

Yeah, I still haven’t filed my taxes.

Normally I don’t file until very close to (or even on the day of) the deadline with good reason, because I have to wait for one particular form that isn’t even due to me until the 15th.

But this year I have no excuse. The form came early, and since then I’ve been busy procrastinating on my taxes. The papers are piled on the desk, some were discovered recently behind the dog’s crate, and the wind blew a few to the floor the other day. » Read more

What Will You Do With Your Tax Refund?

My answer to the question “What will you do with your tax refund?” is usually “What refund?”, but for a change I might be getting one this year.

When contemplating what to do with any potential refund I was reminded of a comment on an old post about windfalls. The comment pointed out that there’s no real reason to treat a windfall any differently than you would treat regular income. » Read more

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