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Make Time to Change Your Life

We all start out adulthood with a variety of goals, dreams, and ideas. Somewhere along the way though, most of us get busy or sidetracked by everyday life. While it’s natural for the things we want to morph over time a little, at our hearts we still want something. If you’re not already doing what’s important to you, make time to change your life. » Read more

Staying Motivated When Success Seems Like Too Much Work

How to stay motivated when all you want to do is stay in bed...We all have days where all we feel like doing is flopping on the couch and relaxing. (Or in my case, going out to eat and relaxing.)

There are things that we know we should be doing in order to be successful, but we just don’t feel like doing them. And that’s normal.

No one is gung-ho 100% of the time. It’s ok to give yourself a break, especially a scheduled break. It’s even a good idea.

The problem occurs when “I don’t feel like it” or “Oh I’ll do it later” becomes a way of life. » Read more

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