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Why I’m Upgrading to the iPhone 4S

I’m not a gadget person by any means, but I’ll be upgrading to the new iPhone 4S for a couple of reasons. The new iPhone 4S has features I would like that my current phone (an iPhone 3GS) doesn’t. That by itself wouldn’t be enough for me to upgrade, but I’m going ahead because it’s actually a better deal for me to get the new phone. » Read more

How I (Finally) Cut Back on Eating Out

I really, really enjoy eating out. For quite some time now, I’d been spending around $200-$250 a month eating out. Just for me. I’d been “trying” (and failing) to cut back for a while, but things really came to a head after our trip to New Zealand.

I spent $320 on eating out that month (food is crazy expensive in NZ) and decided enough was enough. I also wanted to be able to send a little more to our mortgage instead. So that was it. I committed to spending less on eating out. In my case, that meant eating out less often, since I normally ate out nearly every day. » Read more

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