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Want to Be a Millionaire?

We’ve all read the stories of little old ladies dying and leaving millions to their favorite charity.

The stories are usually peppered with quotes from astonished acquaintances who say things like “We knew she held her ancient bicycle together with rubber bands and wore secondhand clothes until they were in tatters, but we were surprised to hear that she left so much to charity.” » Read more

How Much Does Our Culture Affect Recycling and Frugality?

I lived in Germany for a brief period of time in the early 90s (shortly after the reunification). While I was there, people that I worked with and spent time with gently pointed out that I should not throw away my Coke cans, aluminum foil, paper sacks, or baggies.

Instead, I should recycle the cans, and reuse the remaining items until they could no longer be reused (and then recycle them.) Pop in glass bottles had deposits. » Read more

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