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How to Find Time to Do the Things That Matter

Do you wish you had more time to do the things that matter? Here's how to find it.

Are you thinking of starting a side business or working on some other big project this year, but feeling stressed out because you’re not sure how you’ll be able to fit it in?

If so, you’ve probably uttered these six words: “If only I had more time”.

But the truth is, you’re lamenting the wrong thing. You already have all the time you’re ever going to have.

It’s a matter of how you use that time. Every day. » Read more

Take the Productivity Challenge

Take the productivity challenge (and get things done)Ever have those days (or weeks, *cough*) where you get in slacker mode and never seem to get the right stuff done?

You know, the things that will actually help you make progress in achieving the things that matter to you?

Maybe you spend too much time vegging, or an awful lot of time doing busywork. You know, stuff like vacuuming or reorganizing your filing system. Stuff that feels like work and progress but isn’t — at least not on what really matters to you.

That’s been the story of my life recently, so it’s time for a one-week productivity challenge. If you’re up for it too, please join in!

After all, success is 99% productivity. Wouldn’t you like to get the important things done?

Here’s how it will work. » Read more

Jump in with Both Feet

Got a goal? Jump in with both feet

Fortune favors the bold, so when you decide to do something, really do it.

It can be tempting to decide on something that you’d like to do, and then do….nothing…for way too long without even realizing it.

In part, that’s understandable. Things happen. We get busy. We think that we’ll have more time later just as soon as ______ is done. We figure we’ll get around to it someday.

But often the reality is that time just passes us by, without us having made much (or any) progress. Don’t let this happen to you. » Read more

What’s Holding You Back?

Figure out what's keeping you from reaching your goals

It’s almost that goal-setting time of year, but before you begin thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions consider this: Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh, I really should do ______” (maybe last year?) but then you don’t follow through?

The blank could contain pretty much anything, but usually it’s something we know would be good for us. For example, we may know we should stop carrying a balance on our credit cards, stop spending so much money, or start living on a budget.

But something holds us back. » Read more

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