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Make Like an Infomercial and Act Now

Got a goal? Make like an infomercial and act nowYou’ve heard the infomercials: Act now, and get 12 bonus knives and a super-duper discount deal for a limited time! But only if you act now!

Of course, the whole point of an infomercial is to develop such a strong sense of urgency that you will happily and immediately part with your money.

A good infomercial will identify a pain, demonstrate exactly how they will solve the problem, show great “after” shots with testimonials, and then urge you to act now while a clock counts down.

And it’s a very effective formula.

So…have you ever thought of applying that formula to your life? » Read more

Stop Procrastinating with This One Simple Trick

Raise your hand along with me if you tend to procrastinate, but want to stop. (Someday...)Raise your hand along with me if you tend to procrastinate, but want to stop. (Someday…)

We all know that procrastination isn’t exactly a good thing. In fact — in addition to being counterproductive — it can be stressful.

You know you should be doing a certain task, but you do everything but that task instead, while feeling guilty along the way. Then you stress out about it. Finally, you either do it at the last minute (losing sleep over it in the process) or give up on what might have been an excellent idea.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can, of course, stop indulging in procrastination cold-turkey. But if you want to ease yourself into it, you can stop procrastinating with this one simple trick. I call it procrastinating wisely. » Read more

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