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How to Get What You Want Most

Know what’s stopping you from getting what you want most?

Two things:

  1. Not understanding the difference between a priority and the priority
  2. Not aligning your actions with your words and feelings

By definition, a priority is something that comes first. Well, only one thing can really come first at any given time. If you have several things that are “a” priority, none of them are really the priority. » Read more

Information Will Not Change Your Life

Information will not change your life. Action will.

Ever hear something that stops you in your tracks?

Dave Ramsey’s comment that “Information will not change your life” did that for me a while back.

Think of all the blog posts, e-books, and books you’ve read over your lifetime, and all of the courses you’ve taken. Maybe you highlighted the heck out of things, made notes to yourself, and got all fired up. But if that’s all you did, you’re probably still out there reading and looking for the magic words that will change your life.

But there are no magic words. Information is just information. » Read more

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