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How to Save $5000 This Year

Unless you’re rich enough to have buildings named after you, five thousand bucks is a nice chunk of change. It’s enough to max out a Roth IRA for a year, get a good start on a fully-funded emergency fund, pay for a year of community college, or head off on an awesome vacation. Here’s how to save $5000 this year » Read more

How Much Do You Spend on a Tank of Gas?

When gas prices are all over the news and there’s talk of $5 a gallon gas, cutting back is all the rage. SUVs and pickup trucks sport for sale signs, and there’s renewed interest in public transportation.

Then gas prices go down a little (but never as to low as they once were) and we get used to the higher prices. They become the new normal, and we move on. » Read more

How I Accidentally Saved Over $8,500 a Year with My Car

So how did I accidentally save all that money with my car? The short answer is I sold it for personal reasons and accidentally saved thousands of dollars a year as a result.

Several years ago I became really tired of commuting in my car. I live in Portland, Oregon and the traffic is getting worse and worse as the population increases. Driving was really stressful and was making me miserable. I didn’t like the impact that my driving was having on the environment either. » Read more

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