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Take the Discount Challenge

Easy way to pay less for the things you're already planning to buyToday might literally be a bit of a challenge, depending on how discount-minded you normally are.

One way to spend less money is to ask for discounts on the things you’re going to buy anyway. (Of course, another way is to buy less stuff in the first place, but that’s a topic for a different post.)

You can find discounts by looking for sales, using coupons, signing up for store shoppers cards, and comparison shopping.

But — very often — you can also get discounts simply by asking. » Read more

How to Get More than $32 Worth of Cleaning Supplies for $3 or Less

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and spent a small fortune, only to realize you didn’t actually get much of anything to eat? Toiletries and cleaning supplies can eat up a ton of your grocery budget if you aren’t careful.

But it IS possible to cut back dramatically on the cost of cleaning supplies. Want to know the secret? (Hint: You’ll spend less, avoid chemicals, and reduce cleaning supply clutter.) » Read more

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