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How to Create a Grocery Pricebook

Tips to help save money on everyday groceries and get the best dealsHave you ever gone shopping for groceries and stocked up on things, only to find out that they went on sale the following week? It’s annoying, right?

I don’t know about you, but I hate spending more than I need to on the items I buy on a regular basis.

To avoid that, I’ve made note of what constitutes a good (or great!) price on those items and where it’s typically best to get them at. » Read more

Save Money by Plugging Little Financial Leaks

Plugging little money leaks could save a surprising amount of moneyAre you happy with where your money goes? If more of it seems to disappear than you can account for — or than you would like — you may have some financial leaks that need plugging.

Like a dripping faucet, a little bit of money leaking out in dribs and drabs may not seen like much at first, but it can add up to a shockingly large amount over time.

And no, I’m not just referring to the infamous latte factor.

Finding those leaks

Your “leaks” could be anything from a constant stream of school projects or hobbies that require regular infusions of money, to cable TV packages that you never watch.

Leaks are areas — big or small — where your money goes without you really paying attention to it.

Of course, identifying those areas is the first step to plugging the leaks. How do you find them? Look back over your recent bank and credit card statements for things that repeat regularly. » Read more

12 Money-Saving Tips to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Winter isn't the only time you can save money around the house! Here are 12 money-saving tips to help you beat the summer heat and save energy in the process.We’ve all seen the articles about winterizing your home. They’re useful, but I often read those and think, but what about the summer?

It gets pretty darn hot here in the summer, and “summer” normally lasts from about early May (when we first hit 100) until about mid-October. For us, winter is the time of low energy use, and summer is the time of astronomical energy bills. I know there’s a whole swath of the US that’s like this. But even if summer isn’t that way for you, every little bit of savings helps!

Here are 12 tips to help you beat the summer heat and save energy — leaving more money in your pocket in the process. » Read more

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