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The Summer Doldrums

Every year, just before fall, it seems as though I fall into the summer doldrums. I just don’t want to do…anything. Unless you count wanting to run off on a vacation somewhere beach-y where I then sit and do nothing while listening to the ocean.

Unfortunately, I can’t go on a vacation right this very moment, and so my pocketbook suffers, because doing nothing seems to involve an awful lot of eating out on my part. (I also don’t want to cook, or for that matter go to the grocery store to buy meals that could go in the microwave. So I spend.) » Read more

Now is Exactly the Right Time

You’ve probably heard the saying the goes like this: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

I like that saying, because it reminds me that while I can’t change the past, now is exactly the right time for me to get started on (or continue working on) the things I want to do. » Read more

Discovering the Difference Between “Should” and Real Motivation

When it comes to money, you know you should do certain things. However, knowing that you “should” do something isn’t always enough.

For example, everyone knows that they should save for the future — which could mean anything from saving for a rainy day to building up a hefty retirement fund. But how many people actually do so? The same can be said of getting out of debt, etc. » Read more

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