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Why You’re Not Rich Yet: 10 Secrets to Overcoming the Ordinary

10 common obstacles to wealth plus suggestions for overcoming themMost of us daydream now and then about winning the lottery or unexpectedly coming into a small fortune. And wouldn’t that be nice?

The easy route to wealth seems so appealing, despite its almost complete unlikelihood. So we spend our time daydreaming about those unlikely events instead of doing things that could actually make us wealthy.

Why not examine the things that are holding us back financially and take the much more certain route to wealth instead? Here are 10 common obstacles to wealth — along with suggestions for overcoming them: » Read more

Money Management Tips to Make Your Life Easier

These money management tips can make your life easier AND save money in the long run.Money management tips can both make your life easier and save you money in the long run. That’s because a smoothly-running financial life means fewer fees and unplanned expenses — and more money to set aside for the things you want and enjoy. Here are some tips to help get you there.

Find out where you stand financially

What are the balances in your checking, savings, and investing accounts? What do you owe on your debts? How much are you spending, and on what? This information provides a good check on how you’re doing financially. If the negatives outweigh the positives (or even if things just aren’t as positive as you would like) take that as a sign that it’s time to get your finances into shape. » Read more

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

There's something about needing to come up with a solution to a problem that can really result in some inspired solutions.You’ve probably heard the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” before, but have you ever experienced it?

There’s something about actually needing to come up with a solution to a problem that can really result in some inspired solutions.

If you can get yourself into that creative mindset, you can save yourself a bundle or avoid debt. » Read more

Two Easy Ways to Merge Your Money

Two easy ways to merge accountsThere are two basic ways to merge your money with your spouse or significant other; but there’s no one official “right” way.

Just use whichever method works best for the two of you, or come up with your own. The important thing is that you’re both happy with the results. Don’t let potential judgment from others influence your decision.

Here are the basics on the two simple ways to combine your finances, along with a few of the pros and cons for each. » Read more

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