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5 Things You Can Do with $5 (Or More) a Week to Improve Your Future

5 things you can do with $5 a week to improve your futureYou might be surprised at what a difference even 5 bucks can make. Here are 5 simple things you can do with $5 a week to improve your future:

1. Make an extra payment toward your debt.

Many lenders will allow you to make multiple payments each month toward your debt. Just be sure that you’re having that extra $5 a week go toward principal, and not toward reducing the amount you’ll be required to pay next month or toward deferring a payment. The quicker you get a debt paid off, the quicker you’ll have money available to do other things with. (Interested in tracking your debt snowball and getting super motivated? Check out the Pay Off Debt app.) » Read more

What Financial Health Means to Me

If you’d asked me what financial health meant several years back, I’d likely have answered with “Being able to pay all my bills without running out of money”.

That’s because I was in debt and struggling to make ends meet. (I wasn’t alone, either. According to CFSI’s Consumer Financial Health Study, 57% of Americans – approximately 138 million adults – are struggling financially.)

But there’s so much more to financial health than “just” being able to pay your bills without running out of money. (That’s an important part, but it’s by no means the only part!) » Read more

Financial Advice from a Fortune Cookie

Sometimes fortune cookies have things exactly right:

Life is series of choices. Today yours are good ones.

Life is a series of choices, big and small.

I like the “Today yours are good ones” part of the fortune too, because it’s a reminder that by focusing on making good choices today — one today at a time — we can improve our overall financial lives.

Good financial choices compound over time, making it easier and easier to continue to do good things with your money, and to reach your goals.

What are some of the good financial choices that you’ve made today?

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