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Part Time Work at Home Ideas – Are They For You?

Making a little extra cash rarely hurts, especially if you can do it from home in your spare time. But sometimes people don’t know what they could do to that would actually bring in money, or they end up “investing” money to get started with a business that they never really get off the ground.

There are a bunch of things you can do to work from home, and I’ll list some in a bit, but first here are a few things to look at when considering whether a work at home idea is for you. » Read more

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Want to bring in some extra income, but don't think you have anything to offer? Don't sell yourself short, because your ideas and skills have value.Want to bring in some extra income, but don’t think you have anything to offer? Don’t sell yourself short, because your ideas and skills have value.

In fact, if you’re like most people, they have more value than you give yourself credit for.

It’s time to start giving yourself the credit you deserve, especially if you want to make the money that you deserve. And you’ve got to sell yourself, because like it or not, we’re all in the sales business. » Read more

How to Start a Side Business Today: Simplify and Go!

Too much planning is the enemy of action.You know how you get an idea and start planning away, and pretty soon you have a to-do list that’s a mile long? One that seems to mysteriously sprout additional items every time you glance at it?

Well, I think sometimes we make things needlessly complicated. Take starting a side business, for example.

Ask someone how to start a small business, and they’ll probably tell you to start by writing a business plan. So you look up how to do that on Google, and get directed to a 38-slide presentation with many steps and business-y sounding phases like “Company Vision” and “Market Analysis Summary”.

It seems overwhelming, and if you actually do it (which I’ve done before) you’ll find that it’s a whole lot of work. You can spend weeks (or even months!) writing a good business plan. Or a few very long days, if you’re particularly industrious and don’t much need sleep. » Read more

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