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Even Better than Having Things Just Fall in Your Lap

Have you ever heard about something that a coworker, friend, or neighbor got or did and thought (or even said!) that “It must be nice”?

Having that kind of reaction now and then is probably normal, but the thing is, it’s also a sign.

It’s a sign that in some way, that person has touched on something that we would like to be doing or having for ourselves. And you know what? Many times we probably can do or have those things too, if we really want them. » Read more

It’s All About Perceived Value — Or Is It?

I dropped off some jewelry yesterday to have it appraised, and the experience got me thinking. Now this is jewelry that I wear literally everyday. It just makes me feel happy whenever I look at the pieces, because they remind me of my family. Also, they’re beautiful.

So, whether or not they turn out to be worth 10 cents or $10,000, I’ll still wear them every day and enjoy doing so. For me, the perceived value is in the way they regularly remind me of family members. » Read more

Make the Bad Things Hard, and the Good Things Easy

I’m currently reading a book called Influencer. Among its many interesting ideas is the suggestion to make the behaviors you want to prevent hard, and to make the behaviors you want to encourage easy.

For example, if you want to spend less money, set things up so that it takes extra effort to spend money, but no effort at all to avoid spending money.

I can attest that the idea works well, because I’ve inadvertently done exactly that recently. » Read more

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