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A Fully-Funded Emergency Fund

Spend any time learning about personal finance and you’ll soon come across the idea of a “fully-funded emergency fund”. But what is that, exactly? The reigning experts all give different answers, stating that a fully-funded emergency fund will cover anywhere from 3 months to a year or more’s worth of expenses. » Read more

Drawing from the Emergency Fund

I had the interesting experience of having to use my emergency fund in a way I had never intended on using it. To supplement a delay in my paycheck for a few days.

Companies nationwide had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Inuit’s direct deposit servers dropping the day of massive payroll processing (first of June) due to some sort of upgrade. This was a -massive- outage with a very large PR nightmare for Intuit considering the amount of paychecks they process as a whole (likely millions?). » Read more

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