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Why We’re Paying Off Our Mortgage Early

To pay off the mortgage early, or not to pay off — that seems to be the question on many personal finance blogs. The arguments against paying off the mortgage early go like this: you’ll lose the tax deduction, and you’ll be better off by continuing to make minimum payments (or even by continually refinancing) and investing the additional money elsewhere. » Read more

Don’t Burn Out on the Road to Debt Reduction

We set out with the best of intentions: we’re going to stick to the budget this time, cook every meal at home, and pay off our debt in record time.

At first we do great! We’re pumped.

But…then we pass our favorite restaurant on the way home one day after work. We’re tired, and hungry, and we just don’t feel like cooking. So we stop and pick up takeout. The next day comes, and a bill we’d forgotten about shows up. We figure we’ve already blown the budget, so what’s one more thing? » Read more

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