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What You Need to Know About the Statute of Limitations When it Comes to Credit Card Debt

If you have serious credit card debt, you may or may not have heard the term “statute of limitations” bandied about regarding debt. But regardless of whether you’ve heard the term in this context before or are just now hearing it for the first time, the juxtaposition of personal debt and a term most of us associate with criminal law is likely rather confusing, if not a bit unsettling. » Read more

Could You Be Deeper in Debt than the U.S. Government?

Could you be deeper in debt, proportionally speaking, than the U.S. government? According to a recent Planet Money Podcast the United States’ Debt to GDP percentage is 100%. That means that the government owes about the same amount (approximately 14 trillion, according to the podcast) as the country produces. What about you? What’s your equivalent amount? We can call that the Debt to Household Income percentage. » Read more

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