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Get Rid of Car Loans Forever

My spouse and I met in college and married shortly thereafter. During our 40 years as a couple, we have owned 9 cars, which surprisingly works out to one car every 4.4 years. It is surprising since we kept our cars for about 9 years each! The reason for the discrepancy is that we each owned a car at the same time, which we viewed as necessary in our part of the country as there is little convenient public transportation. Although we were lucky enough to get through college without debt (thanks Mom, Dad and scholarships!), we found that we needed two cars so that we could each get to our respective jobs.

I had purchased a used 1963 Buick Special for $400 cash in my Junior year – paid for from summer job income. Hubby, however, didn’t have a car. We both had poor paying jobs and lacked credit scores, so Hubby’s Dad co-signed a loan for the $2000 new Plymouth Cricket. We took out a loan, since we had zero savings and were way too independent to ask either set of Moms and Dads for money. » Read more

Adventures in Autopay

I recently got a new rewards credit card, and so I set up auto-pay on it just like I have for other cards. Naturally it takes a little time to get that set up, so the web site instructed me to continue to make my payments manually until I received notification that the automatic payment feature was in effect. » Read more

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