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Guess What! Today’s a Pop Quiz

That’s right, it’s time for a pop quiz. (No groaning — this is a good quiz, and it only has one question.)

If you’ve been participating in the 31 Days to a Better Bank Balance steps all along, it’s pretty safe to say by Day 15 that you want to improve your bottom line.

In fact, you’ve probably literally been talking out loud about the specific improvement, change, or goal you’re undertaking. And that’s great, because articulating that is critical. » Read more

Turning Emergencies into Well-Laid Plans

Previously, we brainstormed ideas that could be used in case of a job loss. But chances are, a job loss isn’t the only type of financial emergency you’ll face during your lifetime.

And the lower your bank balance typically is, the more likely you’ll be to look at any unplanned financial expenses as an emergency — when they really aren’t. The goal for Day 14 of 31 Days to a Better Bank Balance is to change that. » Read more

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