Back From Vacation and Catching Up

Whee! We got back from a vacation not too long ago and I’ve been busy doing a little catching up since. I always think we should schedule a vacation to recover from our vacation. Someday I’m actually going to do that, too.

If you’re curious, we went to the island of Cozumel in Mexico (just in time for Hurricane Ida to pass nearby. Thankfully the extent of its effects there were that it created some surf and a nice breeze.) We had a fun time scuba diving in the beautiful, amazingly clear water and relaxing on the beach.

I also learned that my bargaining skills have fallen off to about zero. Most things seemed so reasonably priced to begin with that I didn’t even bother trying. (Not that I bought a lot of things — we only had $30 worth of items to declare when we came back to the U.S.)