Are You Ready for More?

Ever have one of those days where you get home after yet another day of rushing around and think, “There’s got to be more to life than being busy all the time”? Or maybe the reverse is true for you — you find yourself listless and bored, aimlessly looking at the TV or the internet. You’re finding something to do, but it’s not really something you’re all that interested in.

Both are signs that you’re looking for more out of life.

What more could mean

More could mean getting a new job, taking on additional responsibilities, volunteering, or taking a class in an area that interests you.

More could also mean doing less. You could stop trying to do everything, and let others pick up the slack. Or you could find that nothing terrible happens when the things that take so much of your time aren’t done at all, or are done much less frequently. If you vacuum every x amount of time, go an extra few days next time. Try buying identical socks and throwing them all in a drawer instead of matching them up.

When you’re ready for more…

When you’re ready for more, you’ve got to make room for more.

And if you’ve already got room, you’ve got to admit it and start taking action.

“I didn’t have time” and “I was too tired” are almost always just excuses.

Don’t believe me?

You had time and energy for whatever you did do. Kick your own butt into gear and make the important things urgent. You’ll be glad you did.