Are You “Going” to Do Something?

Are you going to get your spending under control, get out of debt, sign up for your 401k at work, or do just about anything else related to your finances?

I’ve been “going” to do a lot of things. The only problem is, intending to do things doesn’t mean that they actually get done.

We’ve got to move from knowing we should do something someday to doing it in a timely manner. Or to doing it today.

Take the first step

And that means taking the first step. Taking the first step can be anything from sending in an extra $10 to your debt, to making a list of local estate planners to call for prices on a will, to picking up the form from HR for your 401k.

The important thing is to start doing something, so that you move it off the list of things you’re “going” to do and onto the list of things you’re actually doing. Because somehow, once you get past the first step, it usually becomes easier to continue on and get the job done.

So, what have you been going to do? And when will you take the first step?

(Today is a good answer.)