Admit That You Can’t Do Everything

It’s easy to get caught up in doing more than you’d ever intended to do. Women are especially prone to this, but it happens to men too.

It can happen when you say yes to too many responsibilities, start too many new projects, choose projects that turn out to take a lot more time than you ever imagined they could, or all of the above.

While it can help to start saying “no” to new commitments, what’s often even more helpful is to just flat out admit that you can’t do everything.

Decide on your priorities and do those first. Let whatever is left go by the wayside. Go ahead, delete them from your to do list permanently.

Or you could get someone else to do them instead. You might try paying people or enlisting family, friends, and neighbors. It’s fine to get help, and it’s fine to just decide that certain things are never going to get done so you may as well quit trying.

Do the things that are important to you, and build in a little time to relax too. Don’t spend your time trying to do the impossible or the things that will just need doing again the next day anyway. You’ll reach your goals much faster, and be less stressed to boot.