Achieve an Amazing, Audacious Goal

What are you doing with your life? Are you ready to achieve an amazing, audacious goal? An audacious goal doesn’t have to be something that less than 1% of the world will ever do — although it can be. Instead, it has to be something that’s so meaningful to you that you just have to do it.

Even if it sounds dumb to other people.

Even if people tell you you’re nuts.

Even if you’re afraid.

Because you know what? You’ve only got one life, and you’re living it already. This is it.

Don’t wait for someday, because if you do, someday it’ll be too late. Set your amazing, audacious goal right. now.

What have you always secretly wanted to do, deep in your heart? Or maybe not-so-secretly? Tell me in the comments, if you dare, but at the very least write it out for yourself somewhere and commit to doing it.

Then take the first step toward achieving it. Today.

Don’t let the voice of nonsense (otherwise known as “oh but I can’t do that because blah blah blah…”) deter you from your dreams. To achieve an amazing, audacious goal you’ve got to be audacious.

Being audacious doesn’t mean being stupid or ruining other people’s lives, but it also doesn’t mean being paralyzed with indecision or being slowly beaten down by ordinary life.

It means daring to defy convention and make your own way. Have the courage to be happy.

What do you want your life to be like? Without thought to what “everyone” is doing or what’s “normal”? What do you really want?

Go do that. Now. You’ve got time. You really do.


  • my dream is to write books and be able to make a living as an author. ideally, i’d like to write fiction but my strengths are with nonfiction. i’m hoping that by june 2012 (my 35th birthday), i’ll at least have 1/2 that dream filled–writing the book!

    • That sounds like a great thing to pursue. I predict that you’ll be happy when you hold that first draft in your hands.