A Close-to-Quarterly Goal Update

It’s time for my (close-to) quarterly goal checkup. Do you check in regularly on your goals? I find that’s the best way to make sure I continue making progress. It also helps ensure that I don’t forget about my SMART goals! (Although since I have so few official goals this year, forgetting about them is unlikely. It’s happened in previous years though.)

So, here we go:

Goal #1

Goal #1 was to pay off our mortgage by the end of THIS year. Sad to say, it doesn’t look like we’re going to make it. BUT, I haven’t given up hope by any means. I’m going to be working really hard to bring in as much extra income as possible, and also to cut costs. (Now that we’ve completed all of our major travel for the year, that should be a little easier.) As of yesterday, we’d paid off 41% of the mortgage so far. So, almost to the halfway mark at least!

Goal #2

My actual, official goal for 2011 is to at least “quadruple my total 2010 gross non-employment income by improving the quality and sales of my existing side projects (debt apps and blogging) and by creating at least one new side project that I carryout to completion.”

In previous updates, I kind of eyeballed this on a monthly basis. I hit the income goal for one of the three months last quarter, but haven’t hit it this quarter. Out of curiosity, I decided to see how I’m doing for the whole year to date this time. The result? I’m at a little over 100% of last year’s non-employment income gross. So if I have a really, really excellent 2nd half of the year I might make my goal. Traditionally though I make more in the first part of the year, so we’ll see. I wouldn’t mind creating a new tradition though.

How are things going for you?