My Side Hustles

Do you have a side hustle? A side hustle is basically anything you do to make extra income outside of regular employment. (So if you blog and make any money from it, that counts.)

I’m not sure I’ve ever listed out all of the side projects I’m involved with before, but thought this might be a good time to do so. I’d love your feedback on some of the newer ones.

Here’s what I’ve got in the hopper for future release

  • A program related to photography. This is a joint venture with a MoneyCrush reader that is just in the very earliest stages. I’m super excited about it though.
  • A new blog. I also started a new blog a while back (about, probably not surprisingly) blogging. However I’m keeping it under wraps for a bit longer until I get it spruced up. I’ve got content up, which is the important part, but I want it to look nicer before officially announcing it. Right now it’s very bare-bones, which is putting it kindly. At least one e-book will be coming out there too, eventually.

Current projects

  • Ideastorming. If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s coming up with ideas. I also love helping others, so I’m combining the two by offering ideastorming sessions. The deal is this: you tell me the area you’re wanting ideas in, and then you’ll get a 30 minute phone call with me. During the call, I’ll get a feel for what you’re hoping to accomplish + your current knowledge and interests, and then you’ll get at least 15 related ideas via email afterward. It’s a flat fee of $150, and if for some highly unlikely reason I can’t come up with enough ideas, there will be no charge. If you’re interested in this, just email me with ideastorming as the subject line.
  • Pay Off Debt app. My debt snowball app is still doing well. (Although my goal is to get it back into the top 10 financial apps, where it would be doing much better.) To that end I’m working on an update to the iPhone version of it that includes a redesign and several new much-requested features. That’s scheduled to be completed in early November.
  • My blog. Obviously, I blog here at MoneyCrush. I love sharing things with you guys and hearing from you. (Thank you so much for reading.)

So that’s the list of my current side hustles. As you can tell, there are tons of different ways to make extra money on the side. All it takes is initiative, effort and stick-to-itive-ness. Mine are almost all related to technology, but there are plenty of side hustles that aren’t if that’s not your thing. I pick things that I think I’ll really enjoy, which seems to help.

What about you? Do you have any side hustles? What are they and how did you come to be doing them, if so?



  • WOW, sounds like you have a lot on tap for this year (and the better part of next year). Currently, the only side projects I have going are my own personal finance blog and another site, which, as you probably can guess, is a website where my wife and I recommend gift ideas for kids based on the personal experiences of our own kids.

    Both sites are gaining steam, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be quitting my day job anytime soon!

    • Hehe, and this is me trying to LIMIT my projects. But yes, I do have a lot going on. That’s great that your sites are gaining steam :)

  • My blog is my only true side hustle. I’ve got another inactive niche blog that I keep thinking about trying to get going, but that never seems to happen :)

  • I started a side hustle last semester fielding student questions about printing on campus. Slowly, my boss gave me more and more hours and now I’m bringing in almost 200$ per week! :)

  • Other than working on monetizing my personal blog, not really. I’m too busy volunteering and enjoying the outdoors to make more money.

  • MC- I love the ideastorming option. Have you ever tried You can submit ideas there and help push them through the entire invention process and then make a cut of any ideas that get produced.

    I just tried an idea there last week and while it didn’t get accepted I still got like 40 votes and it was a lot of fun. Definitely will be trying it again.

    • I haven’t heard of quirky, but that sounds like a very cool idea. And I do have an ideas for a couple of tangible things I’d love to see produced.

  • You have some great ventures.

    I am not regularly employed so I don’t know if the money I bring in is considered a side hustle. I like to think so considering I could continue my hustles if I was full-time employed. As of now I bring in a decent amount from my blog and I also have a pretty steady Etsy shop. Both take time but I also really enjoy both of these.

    • Hey if you consider it a side hustle, that counts in my book :)

      What do you offer in your Etsy shop? I keep toying with the idea of setting up one for my paintings but never seem to get the time.

  • My blogs are monetized, but haven’t brought in a check yet, so I don’t know if that’s a side hustle or not. I did do a vanity project (coffee table book) a couple years ago that was basically a proof of concept. I’m hoping to do second book this winter/spring that will be a money maker for both myself and the artist I’m working with.

    • Sure, if you’re working at making money with it (even though you haven’t yet) that counts! What kind of coffee table books are they? Those sound like neat projects.

      • The first book is called 100 Words Project – Hassell Painter Photography. It is a collection of photographs taken by my brother paired with 100 word micro-fiction pieces inspired by them (written by myself and others).
        The second book will feature the artwork of a friend of mine, and we’ll probably do flash fiction- 300-500 words inspired by each print. I still have to do some research as to the number of words we can reasonably fit on each page.
        Because the 2nd book will feature a working artist who shows at numerous conventions, our goal is for her to be able sell copies of the book at conventions and for us both to make a small profit.

  • My side hustle are:

    IT consultant
    Financial planner
    Motivational speaker
    Personal Finance Blogger.

  • I do freelance work for the occasional extra dollar, but most of my “side hustling” is spent with my local Time Bank. No money is exchanged, but the sharing of services has saved me lots of money. Plus, I’m helping my neighbors, which is more fun for me than earning an extra dollar.

    • That sounds cool too. What kind of services do you exchange there? Plus, are you going to be at Blogworld LA? It’d be awesome to meet up….

  • Nice post. I am interested on the photography related and to your new blog. Good luck with that. My side hustle are work and personal stuffs. As much as possible I balance the two. LOL.

  • You’ve got a lot of projects going on!

    For me, I’ve just had time for my blog. That said, I have numerous ideas floating about in my mind, and at least one will be acted on in the next few months.

    Ideas are there…it’s just a matter of finding more time!

  • I love the idea thing! I currently have my blog, a part-time sales rep position, a part-time position with Clif & LUNA, and I’m working on launching a small business. I find that the more I have going on, the more motivated I am–do you feel the same?

    • Boy you’ve got a ton going on too! And I do feel similarly; the more I have going on, the more excited I get about what I’m working on. I think I just enjoy variety.

  • Interesting stuff, Jackie. You’ve got a lot of stuff going on. My side hustles are blogging/freelance writing and bookkeeping.

  • Hi Jackie, I realize I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I just came across your site and as a fellow side-hustler, I wanted to drop in a note to say so.

    How’s your snowball app doing? I’m curious, did you code it yourself or outsource it? Either way, great to make the connection and am off to check out the 101 Ways to Make Extra Money next :)

    • Hey Nick, thanks for stopping by. I outsourced the coding of my app, but did a lot of the other stuff myself. And it’s doing well — just got an update for it out :)