Information Will Not Change Your Life

Information will not change your life. Action will.

Ever hear something that stops you in your tracks?

Dave Ramsey’s comment that “Information will not change your life” did that for me a while back.

Think of all the blog posts, e-books, and books you’ve read over your lifetime, and all of the courses you’ve taken. You might have highlighted the heck out of things, made notes to yourself, and gotten all fired up, but if that’s all you did, you’re probably still out there reading and looking for the magic words that will change your life.

But there are no magic words. Information is just information.

Action is the key

What will change your life is action.

Acting on the information you receive or seek out — especially acting with purpose, passion, and persistence — will get you places. When you want to make a change, you have to DO something.

Don’t let opportunity pass you by

Like the old infomercials say, “Act now”. Take the first step toward whatever it is you want to do, today.

(Ideally, right now.)

Whatever it is, don’t wait to take the next step. And don’t confuse taking yet another class with taking action. You’ve probably already got all of the information you need to at least get started. So go for it.

You’ll feel a whole lot better once you’ve gotten past the procrastination and into progress.

What will you be doing? Let me know the step you’ll take in the comments below.



  • Katrina

    So true. I’m a PF nerd but still fail in real life. Information is not changing my life. Thank u for posting this.

  • This is so true because action equals results. Even if the results are bad and you fail, you will learn from that experience. Thanks for the great reminder to do more actionable things above anything else.

  • I don’t know. Some information truly changed me as a person. For example, there was a published article a few months ago that made me a little less trusting of the world.

    They asked men to anonymously answer if they would rape someone if there were no laws or repercussions against it. Sadly, like 70-80% replied yes. That means there are only 20-30% of those responders that I would ever want as a friend or around me at all. And what if there are already people in my life with those sorts of morals – only held in check by laws? That is freaking terrifying.

    So yes, 99% of the time, information itself is only useful if it motivates you to do something. But sometimes, the info itself is a sticking point too.

    But your post is amazing as usual! Just thought of this as I read…

    • I agree, it can definitely change your point of view. I can point to several things I’ve learned that did exactly that. Hopefully that was a very unscientific survey you read about though! Scary stuff otherwise.