Best of Money Carnival #71

Welcome to today’s Best of Money Carnival, which is unique in that it features the best money-related posts submitted for the week. (Thanks to all those who submitted.) With 54 submissions, choosing the top nine was tough, but here we go:


Want to get the dirt on a financial advisor? Ask to see their “Form ADV Part II.”

Mike Piper presents Researching a Financial Advisor: Form ADV Part II posted at Oblivious Investor.


If you are thinking of buying a condo now, you’re not alone. Real estate is cheap and condos are about the least-cost method you can use to get into the market. But when you buy a condo, you might be opening a can of worms.

Neal Frankle presents Buying a Condo? Don?t Overlook This One Detail posted at Wealth Pilgrim.


On nearly every resolution list out there you’ll find some variation of “lose weight” and “save money.” Do you see a problem with either of these goals? Clearly there is one, because so frequently people fail to achieve them.

Lauren presented Why Diets Fail & Saving is Difficult at Richly Reasonable. (Unfortunately, the link no longer works so it has been removed.)


While it may be obvious that less money means more problems, domestic violence shoots up when money is a problem at home.

Michael presents Is There A Correlation Between Money and Domestic Violence? posted at The Dough Roller.


If you’ve been wondering how to best negotiate a salary with a new employer, here are some great tips.

FMF presented Leaving Money on the Table, or Not, when Negotiating posted at Free Money Finance. (Unfortunately, the link no longer works so it has been removed.)


A personal view on dealing with foreclosure, and some ideas on what you can do to try to stop the process.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents How To Stop Foreclosure (Or At Least Try To) posted at The Digerati Life.


It’s getting harder for those under 21 to get a credit card. Do you think your child is ready to have you co-sign for a credit card?

freefrombroke presents Does Your Kid Deserve A Credit Card? posted at Free From Broke.


Think you don’t need much money to get by? There’s a problem with that.

Jacq presented “The biggest problem with thinking you don’t need much money” posted at Single Mom Rich Mom. (Unfortunately, the link no longer works so it has been removed.)

And the #1 post in today’s Best of Money Carnival?

*drum roll please*


Who knew you could get financial tips from the cult classic movie The Princess Bride?

2 Cents presents Financial Wisdom from The Princess Bride posted at Balance Junkie.

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