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Take the Discount Challenge

by Jackie Beck

Easy way to pay less for the things you're already planning to buyToday might literally be a bit of a challenge, depending on how discount-minded you normally are.

One way to spend less money is to ask for discounts on the things you’re going to buy anyway. (Of course, another way is to buy less stuff in the first place, but that’s a topic for a different post.)

You can find discounts by looking for sales, using coupons, signing up for store shoppers cards, and comparison shopping.

But — very often — you can also get discounts simply by asking. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted in How to Save Money on 12.15.14 with 2 comments.

10 Essential Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

by Jackie Beck

Take care of these 10 things before listing your house for sale, and it'll be primed to sellI’ve moved too many times to remember off hand growing up, and toured literally hundreds of houses in my lifetime. I’ve also bought 6 properties of my own, and sold 3.

Every time I’ve gone house hunting, either for myself or with someone else, I’ve been struck by just how many people neglect basic things that could help them get top dollar with only a week or two’s worth of effort.

Here are ten things to do before listing your home that can make all the difference. Skip them, and you may get less for your home or have a harder time selling it, since many prospective buyers can’t look past easily-remedied issues. Take care of them, and your home will be primed to sell. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted in Buying a House on 12.08.14 with 2 comments.

Had Enough? Whip Your Financial Life Into Shape

by Jackie Beck

Where to start when you don't know where to start with your moneySometimes you just don’t know where to start. There are all sorts of details to think about when it comes to whipping your financial life into shape — and then keeping it that way. What do you do first? What’s most important?

The details can feel overwhelming if you let them, so it’s imperative to prioritize. And that means prioritizing for what’s important in YOUR life. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted in Money Management on 12.01.14 with 1 comment.

Have You Reached That Moment Yet?

by Jackie Beck

“A moment comes when the desire to do what you really want nearly overwhelms you and it feels like you can’t go another day without making a change.”

-Tyler Tervooren, in his post Stand on a corner and sing

That’s what it felt like when we finally did what it took to be debt free. And when I quit my job. And when…well, you get the picture.

Have you reached that moment yet? The moment where you can’t go another day without making it happen? Read the rest of this entry »

Posted in Setting & Achieving Goals on 11.24.14 with 1 comment.

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