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Digit Automates Your Savings Like Magic

by Jackie Beck

A review of Digit, the service that automates your savings and makes it easy to keep tabs on your moneyLet me start out by saying that I pretty much never rave about things the way I’m about to now. (Unless you ask me about Antarctica! Then I won’t shut up.) And I’m sure not doing so here for the $5 I’ll earn if you sign up through one of my links. But hey, I AM a personal finance blogger, so it’d be silly not to offer the referral link :) Read on for an introduction to a money-related service that I think you’ll love.

It’s like magic

Ever wish you could save money like magic? Without having to think about it or spend a bunch of time setting things up? Or maybe you’d like to have a friendly little buddy do the saving for you, all while making sure you don’t actually need that money for anything. (You know, except for your future self and family.)

That’s exactly what Digit does for you. It automates your savings like magic, while keeping you updated on your checking account balance and transactions to boot. As a bonus, it’s likeable. (When have you ever heard that about a financial service?) Read the rest of this entry »

Posted in Savings on 02.23.15 with 2 comments.

Let’s Talk About Money

by Jackie Beck

What kind of talks do you give yourself about money? Be honest. Then check out #MoneyChat for tips on how to get out of debt, successfully manage your money, and create financial securityWhat kind of talks do you give yourself about money? Be honest: Are they pep talks or whines? (Or maybe a little bit of both?)

What you say to yourself (and others) about money matters, so start hearing your words. As you start noticing the way you talk about money, remember you can always change your words and actions if you don’t like what you hear.

I’m not the only one who believes it matters, either. Dorethia Conner wrote #MoneyChat THE BOOK to help others get out of debt, manage their money, and create financial security.

Her book is clear, engaging, and actionable. (As creator of the Pay Off Debt app, the “Don’t manage your debt, get rid of it!” chapter heading produced an immediate Yes! in my book.) Dorethia’s pretty cool too! So here’s a little Q&A with her about #MoneyChat THE BOOK, which officially launched today on Amazon. Check it out :) Read the rest of this entry »

Posted in Money Management on 02.16.15 with no comments (yet!).

The Real Value of Passive Income

by Jackie Beck

Passive income's real value lies in the answer to this question: If you stopped working today, how long could you go before you ran out of money?You may or may not be in search of passive income ideas right now, but have you given much thought to the real value of passive income?

Of course, we know intellectually that passive income is money that comes in when you’re not actively working to earn it. It can be money that continues to come in because of work you did in the past, or it can be money that comes in because of investments. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted in Make Money on 02.09.15 with 1 comment.

How to Create Goals You Can Actually Succeed At

by Jackie Beck

Good tips on creating goals you can actually REACH. (Because it's all well and good to say things like 'I want to get my finances in order' or 'I want to get healthy', but it's another thing to DO IT.)It’s the beginning of February as I write this, which means that hoards of new gym members are starting to stay home.

Other well-intentioned resolutions-masquerading-as-goals are also falling by the wayside in droves right about now.


Because it’s all well and good to say things like “I want to get healthy” or “I want to get my finances in order”, but it’s another thing to do it.

Here’s how to create SMART goals you can succeed at. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted in Setting & Achieving Goals on 02.02.15 with 3 comments.

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