Two Easy Ways to Merge Your Money

Two easy ways to merge accountsThere are two basic ways to merge your money with your spouse or significant other; but there’s no one official “right” way.

Just use whichever method works best for the two of you, or come up with your own. The important thing is that you’re both happy with the results. Don’t let potential judgment from others influence your decision.

Here are the basics on the two simple ways to combine your finances, along with a few of the pros and cons for each. » Read more

Four Money Habits that Will Make You Rich

Habits to look intoYou don’t need to win the lottery to become wealthy. It’s much easier than that, and a whole lot more likely to happen if you create and maintain good money habits. Taken together, here are four money habits that will make you rich.

1. Save and invest

Always, always, always save and invest a portion of your income. Start out at 10%, and increase it each year from there until you’re setting aside a large percentage. If you do this from your very first job on, you’ll have painlessly accumulated a good sum of money. Do not touch this money at any point along the way, no matter how tempted you are. (Touching the money your money earns for you is another matter.) » Read more

12 Money-Saving Tips to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Winter isn't the only time you can save money around the house! Here are 12 money-saving tips to help you beat the summer heat and save energy in the process.We’ve all seen the articles about winterizing your home. They’re useful, but I often read those and think, but what about the summer?

It gets pretty darn hot here in the summer, and “summer” normally lasts from about early May (when we first hit 100) until about mid-October. For us, winter is the time of low energy use, and summer is the time of astronomical energy bills. I know there’s a whole swath of the US that’s like this. But even if summer isn’t that way for you, every little bit of savings helps!

Here are 12 tips to help you beat the summer heat and save energy — leaving more money in your pocket in the process. » Read more

Get Extra Space Without Breaking the Bank

Find the unused space in the house you already have -- and feel better in the processHave you ever found yourself wishing for a bit of extra space in your home?

Maybe you’d like a place where you can leave messy projects set up on a permanent basis, or a place where you can work without disturbing others or being disturbed.

You don’t have to buy a bigger house or rent space to accomplish that goal. Most times (especially if you live in the U.S. or Canada) there’s plenty of room available right where you’re already living.

You just have to get creative.

I spent three years working out of a 4×6 walk-in closet, because it turned out to meet my needs almost perfectly. It wasn’t a spare closet either, so don’t think you need to have an empty room available in order to gain usable space. (I moved some of its contents to other places, and just lived with the rest.)

If you’re looking to gain extra space without breaking the bank, here are some steps that will help. » Read more

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