For Love or Money: What’s the Strangest Thing You’ve Done?

So I’ve got to know, what’s the strangest thing you’ve done for love or money? Just keep your answers clean please!

For me, it’s probably a toss up, because I’ve done several slightly odd things in an attempt to make money. The very first “business” I started — back in the 2nd grade — probably qualifies. I tried to sell shiny perfumed rocks to the neighbor kids. I’m pretty sure only one person bought one, but you’ve got to wonder what their parents thought. (“Hi, do you want to buy a rock?” or “Mooom, can I have a dollar to buy a rock?”) » Read more

Needs vs. Wants

You may not give a great deal of thought to needs vs. wants, but hearing things like “I need a new car” when the person saying it is driving a perfectly serviceable car bugs me.

Don’t get me wrong — I find nothing wrong with buying new things, even big stuff like a new car. (Although I prefer used cars myself.) What irritates me is that the line between needs vs. wants gets crossed so casually. They don’t need a new whatever. They want a new whatever. There’s a big difference. » Read more

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