5 Powerful Ways to Invest in Yourself

So many great tips here – and all of them are really easy ways to just step back and make one or two small changes that can improve your quality of life immensely. Invest in yourself!You’ll hear it said that the best investment you can make isn’t in stocks or bonds. Instead, it’s in yourself. But have you thought about what it really means to invest in yourself? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not about the money.

Most people think that “invest on yourself” is really just another way of saying “go back to school and get a degree” or “spend money on a conference”. And while you could do those things, investing in yourself is not about spending money or taking classes per se.

Instead, it’s about taking a look at your life to see what areas you could be doing better in and/or at areas you’d just plain old like to explore, and then taking the time to do so. And that’s not limited to formal education by any means. Here are 5 powerful ways to invest in yourself. » Read more

Find Your Passion (It’s Probably Right in Front of You)

Ways to figure out what you love doing“Find your passion,” we’re urged, and everything will fall into place. So we spend our time struggling to hunt down that passion as if it were some sort of elusive beast lurking deep in the jungle. The reality is, your passion is often right in front of you.

You just can’t see it, because it’s covered up with ordinary.

You spend your days going to work, doing what needs to be done around the house, and then relaxing for a bit in front of the computer, TV, or with family and friends.

If you want to find your passion, you’ve got to open your eyes to what you believe in. » Read more

Save Money by Plugging Little Financial Leaks

Plugging little money leaks could save a surprising amount of moneyAre you happy with where your money goes? If more of it seems to disappear than you can account for — or than you would like — you may have some financial leaks that need plugging.

Like a dripping faucet, a little bit of money leaking out in dribs and drabs may not seen like much at first, but it can add up to a shockingly large amount over time.

And no, I’m not just referring to the infamous latte factor.

Finding those leaks

Your “leaks” could be anything from a constant stream of school projects or hobbies that require regular infusions of money, to cable TV packages that you never watch.

Leaks are areas — big or small — where your money goes without you really paying attention to it.

Of course, identifying those areas is the first step to plugging the leaks. How do you find them? Look back over your recent bank and credit card statements for things that repeat regularly. » Read more

5 Things You Can Do with $5 (Or More) a Week to Improve Your Future

5 things you can do with $5 a week to improve your futureYou might be surprised at what a difference even 5 bucks can make. Here are 5 simple things you can do with $5 a week to improve your future:

1. Make an extra payment toward your debt.

Many lenders will allow you to make multiple payments each month toward your debt. Just be sure that you’re having that extra $5 a week go toward principal, and not toward reducing the amount you’ll be required to pay next month or toward deferring a payment. The quicker you get a debt paid off, the quicker you’ll have money available to do other things with. (Interested in tracking your debt snowball and getting super motivated? Check out the Pay Off Debt app.) » Read more

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