3 Lessons I Learned in Real Estate Investing

Don’t start building your real estate empire without understanding the three biggest risks to real estate investing.Don’t start building your real estate empire without understanding the three biggest risks to real estate investing.

Real estate investing isn’t for everyone but for those ready for the challenge, it can provide solid returns and a great diversifier for investments in stocks and bonds.

It’s not a stress-free investment though and for every real estate empire built, I’d bet that at least two investors have seen their savings vanish.

I was almost one of those many that real estate chewed up and left for broke. Ok, so it was a little worse than that. A few short years of real estate investing and I felt chewed up, digested and…something other than spit out.

But I’ve since rebuilt my real estate portfolio, having learned from the mistakes of the past. I won’t say that my new strategy of real estate investing has led to a fast fortune but it does look like I’ll be able to create some real long-term wealth.

It’s why I wanted to share my experience after reading Jackie’s article on crowdfunding real estate. Besides direct investment in properties, part of my new real estate strategy has been to use the new crowdfunding resource to diversify my portfolio and take some of the headache out of rentals. » Read more

Is Driving with Uber or UberEATS for You?


I use Uber pretty often, both while traveling and while in town, and love it because it’s so handy. I’ve always been curious about what it would be like to drive with Uber or UberEATS.

But since I don’t have an Uber eligible vehicle, I’ve contented myself with asking the drivers I ride with about their experience. In my random sample, those experiences have varied.

Why drive with Uber or UberEATS?

Some folks clearly LOVE it, some folks are so-so on the idea, and a few have said they’d prefer not to but enjoy the extra money anyway. The vast majority of drivers I spoke with were doing for the ability to make extra money on their own schedule.

Typically folks driving with Uber aim to make money while they’re 1) unemployed and looking for a job, 2) working extra to pay off debt, or 3) as a break from creative work or while on their way home from a full time job.

So how do you know if driving with Uber or UberEATS is a good idea for you? » Read more

How To Start a Blog (If You Want to Make Money)


If you want to learn how to start a blog, this guide will help you create your blog the right way!If you want to learn how to start a blog, you’ll want to use this guide. It will help you create your blog the right way – so you can get started on your goal of earning an online income. And don’t worry, learn the basics of how to start a blog just takes a few simple steps.

Why Start a Blog?

Blogging can be a highly rewarding activity. Bloggers in every niche make hundreds or thousands of dollars a month through their blog alone. I’ll be the first to admit that blogging is an investment of time and creativity, but it has opened many doors to make money online.

Whether you simply want to learn how to start a blog to start a new hobby, earn passive income by recommending products you use, share your expertise with others looking for wisdom, or build an online business that will eventually replace your current income stream, blogging is an excellent option that can literally change your life.

You don’t have to be an English or Communications major to start a blog. The only two requirements are the ability to write clearly and have a passion for what you write about.

For example, if you enjoy woodworking, you can create a blog that shares tips with other wood enthusiasts. Your blog can also double as a marketplace to sell your creations if you want to monetize a hobby.

The possibilities are truly endless! » Read more

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