The Entrepreneurial Money Mindset

As an entrepreneur, have you ever thought that all your money worries would go away if your business took off and became successful?

Well, the truth is that money worries don’t go away unless and until you address them. It’s not outside success that makes that happen — it’s you :)

And that’s good news. Addressing them could mean anything from blogging about personal finance, to setting up systems for how you handle your money, to changing your mindset about money in general.

Money mindset is typically the most important, because they way you view things directly affects the choices you make and the actions you take. And that’s what Jason Van Orden of the Impact group and I talk about today in this audio interview:

Check it out by clicking the play button above :)

How to Create a Grocery Pricebook

Tips to help save money on everyday groceries and get the best dealsHave you ever gone shopping for groceries and stocked up on things, only to find out that they went on sale the following week? It’s annoying, right?

I don’t know about you, but I hate spending more than I need to on the items I buy on a regular basis.

To avoid that, I’ve made note of what constitutes a good (or great!) price on those items and where it’s typically best to get them at. » Read more

Financial Advice from a Fortune Cookie

Sometimes fortune cookies have things exactly right:

Life is series of choices. Today yours are good ones.

Life is a series of choices, big and small.

I like the “Today yours are good ones” part of the fortune too, because it’s a reminder that by focusing on making good choices today — one today at a time — we can improve our overall financial lives.

Good financial choices compound over time, making it easier and easier to continue to do good things with your money, and to reach your goals.

What are some of the good financial choices that you’ve made today?

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